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You as a teacher or parent, can subscribe to “Web Decks” where you will gain access to both the digital coloring and educational decks. There are 3 different membership models to choose from, depending on the number of students you wish to have access to the site. Your children or students will have their own separate log in and they will be able to access to the full site, but not your admin account. When it comes to using this site in school or at home, you can either select resources for them by sharing the links to the resources directly, or allow them to freely access resources of their choice.

There are two different categories of web decks. One are the digital coloring decks, ideal for mental health and well-being. The others are the educational decks which are self assessing resources, ideal for keeping young minds sharp. 

They would suit a wide range of ages from upper elementary to high school. Word searches, true or false games and coloring pages are timeless and appealing to all ages!

The themes for the educational decks are very general and are suitable for a range of topics, ideal for keeping brains sharp. You can see all the decks included here (click on each category to see the full list). The digital coloring decks contain inspirational quotes and contain a wide range of different themes – you can see them all here. If there are any specific requests, suggestions will be taken on board and if created, will be added to the database free of charge!

Any device with access to the internet will work! Yes, that is IT. No software, no apps and no special equipment required whatsoever. Nice and easy!

One membership is required per teacher. This is because each parent or teacher who signs up is choosing the number of students who are able to access the site at one time through their membership. For example, if a teacher chooses the CLASS membership then only their 35 students can access the site at one time. If any more than 35 students try to use the student log in simultaneously, they will automatically be logged out. For this reason, one membership cannot be shared across multiple classes (unless you sign up with a CAMPUS membership which permits a larger group of students).

You can select from 5, 35 or 200 child accounts that can access the site using your membership. If you have a request for a larger group size than this, please reach out to us using the form below.

Once you have created an account, you can share with your students a separate “child” user name and password that you will set up at checkout. They will be able to access the locked areas of the site but will be in “child” accounts meaning they will not be able to access your private login credentials or payment options. If you cancel your membership at any point, your student log in will also be cancelled automatically.

When students log in using the link in the top right corner, they will be taken to their own home page where they will see the 4 categories of decks on offer. They can then navigate which decks they would like to do.

If however, you would like to assign them a specific deck, you can do that too! Simply share the link with your students and once they log in they will be able to access the same page.

That’s absolutely fine! Simply change your password at the end of each year and you’re good to go. Your old students will no longer be able to access your student accounts and your new ones will. There is nothing else you need to do!

As there is only one staff account with students having “child” logins attached to it (and every student has the same username and password as determined by the teacher), there is NO student data taken collected or used on this website. Students do not have their own personalised login, and the class size selected is what determines how many can use the same login at one time.

The site is in its growth phase and so new resources are being added all the time. This will naturally result in price increases during this period. Once you have joined at a certain price however, you are “grandfathered in” at that price and won’t be charged the higher rate, unless you cancel your subscription and choose to join again at a later date.

The site is designed to be a completely stress free resource for teachers or parents to send their students to without requiring any work or preparation, so all decks are ready made for you. While you cannot make your own decks, you and your students are welcome to make requests which if created, will be added to the site free of charge.

All memberships are paid once a year, until you choose to cancel.

If you are not happy after signing up for your subscription or if you require further support, please reach out  explaining the issue you are experiencing. We will do everything we can to resolve any issues for you, but if the matter is not able to be resolved or you have changed your mind about your subscription, a refund can certainly be offered on a case by case basis. Email support is offered for free and all responses will be endeavor to be responded to within 24 hours.

You are free to cancel at any time. Simply go to my account and click “cancel”. Please be advised: you and your students will lose access from the moment you cancel, even if you are mid way through your membership. Also, once you cancel, your “grandfathered in” subscription price will end and if you choose to resubscribe again after a price increase, you will be charged the higher rate. 


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